Nope, not pork but a HAM license! When making decisions about voyaging around the globe and which communications to use, some of us mariners considered having marine single-sideband (SSB) or HAM radio capability. Newish technology like Starlink, Predictwind and Iridium Go, have made it easy to not use SSB. But we all know Scott, and how he likes to have safety back ups, so….after a full week of studying, he took and passed the HAM radio technician class and the general class. Congrat!!

Hope is Here

Had a blast with Hope Erwin down in Barra de Navidad, Mexico for the week after Christmas. We didn’t get much done except goofing off. Surfing, snorkeling and hanging at the beach with her new Marina friends in uniform!
Great week. Next time we will see her will be in Tahiti probably. 😮

Mexico City

We have never been around so many people in all our lives. It was so crowded for miles and miles, that we could not even find transportation to get out. So we ended up walking for miles through these thick mobs of people. We were the only gringos we found.

The Museum of Anthropology was amazing. We were dumbfounded learning about the ancient civilizations and various tribes dating back to 200 AD. One of the most sacred Gods of all Mesoamerica is Quetzalcoatl, with all the brilliant feathers.

We sure had a great time running around the giant Mexico City with our special friends on SV Simplicity. Denton, Chrissy and Danika. We were here applying for our long stay visas for French Polynesia and planned a few awesome touristy things! We learned how to use the labyrinth of the difficult, color coded Metro too.

We took time to ride the longest Cable Bus public transportation in the world. It only cost 7 pesos each (.35 cents) to get miles across Mexico City. Last year, the government paid for hundreds of huge, beautiful murals to be painted on the rooftops of homes and businesses. As if the buildi gs aren’t colorful enough! It was a gondola ride and art show, all in one! If you travel here, don’t miss it.

Happy Holidays Tenacatita, Mexico!

It’s a Tenacatita Christmas 🎄
How special it is to spend this 85 degree Christmas with so many friends.
We have 35 boats from all over the world sharing a meal and (bilge treasures) gift giving.
Surfing, bocce ball and networking through friends seems to make up the days.
Sea Bella will be cruising these waters off the state of Jalisco for the next few months with many of these peeps.

Long Stay Visas

What a worldwind of paperwork and a few hassles these last few weeks, preparing us for our Long Stay Visas for the French Polynesian islands, leaving this March. This will enable us to explore the 4 archepelegos for an entire year. Kind of stressful though, as we need to be interviewed and approved at the French Consulate in Mexico City. (and turn in our passports-eeek) We have also joined a rally type group called ‘Pacific Puddle Jump’ which provides safety and discount features as well as a few guides for a basic understanding of French Polynesia’s fascinating history and rich cultural traditions. Check this out:

But…all work doesn’t mean no play, we still know how to have fun!!