Island Hopping

Great 1st week on the go. We had plenty of time for decompressing, and enjoying no cell or internet service. The many island coves we anchored in gave us tranquility and hours of thought and planning. After our 1st quiet night in Cojo, we sailed and motorsailed in an average of 4 knots of wind, about 8 hours a day. The Channel Islands are rugged and mesmerizing (Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Catalina). The scenery, sealife, and our new life on the boat are all amazing! 10 days later we are in Newport Harbor enjoying quite the opposite experience: hundreds of fancy boats, mansions on the water, shops, restaurants and friends. It is busy boating around here, some not ever leaving the bay and many not knowing how to anchor. Life is all good! (Scott keeps saying he wishes we could have half of the wind down south we had up above Conception). We had our challenges too, rollie anchorages, organizing the new way of life and keeping the water out (leaky hatches). Heading to San Diego next week.

A few delays

Hi Fabulous Followers!
We have had some few, frustrating delays with some battery/electrical issues this week. As I always like to say, “life will throw you only what you can handle”. So there it is. We will launch very soon, fingers crossed, hopefully in a few days. Scott is READY, I am READY, land life is finally ready, paperwork is ready, family and friends are ready, weather looks great, its all up to God and Sea Bella. In 2014, when our son Derek (18 yrs old at the time) left home for the Army, he was so ready, eager and excited. We could only embrace it and join him in his excitement as he “launched”.  
We have felt this same support and encouragement from friends and family these last few months. This support has been the most helpful and emotionally loving thing . Leaving is not hard for either Scott or I, since we are damn excited. We are so delighted for this support from EVERYONE! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

DONE (for now anyway)

Launch Date: just a week or 2 away!!

We are heading south to Southern California, a few fun stops in the Channel Islands, San Diego, and Ensenada. With the refit complete (including all new sails, rigging, dinghy…) We are joining the Baja Ha Ha in November with our great friends and crew Andrew Esler and Jane Weeks. We are hoping to spend 2022 in the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Coast. We plan to head to the South Pacific in early 2023.
Love our Brewer!!!