Hi, I’m Kathy!

I grew up on the beaches of Aptos and Santa Cruz, California. It’s funny, I recently found a picture of my wonderful Mother in a little red sport car, like this one that I have now. Our young family of 5 then built a beautiful home in the mountains nearby and I enjoyed my childhood outdoors with a thriving garden, dogs, cats, ponies and horses. I then went on to College, and landed many teaching jobs on the Central Coast of California. I have two wonderful grown children, both of who enjoyed both farm life and sailing Hobie Cats. When Scott and I were beginning a life together, I told him I wanted to travel the world. He said he wanted to cruise on a sailboat. We put our PASSIONS together and created this dream of Sailing the World!

I am Scott. I grew up on the East US Coast, numerous places due to my Dad’s career as a Navy officer. I had many sailing opportunities including camps, crewing in a trans Atlantic race boat, and spending fun weekends on the family sailboat. (More soon)