Bon Voyage’– San Diego to Avila Beach!

Bon Voyage’ Party
Thank you to great family and friend supporters! Ashley, Jim and Judy Erwin, Lonnie Martin, Mark and Becky Ashburn, Denny and Susan Osburn. It was a beautiful evening at the Port of SD. Funny stories shared, such as: docking at this major port via only an app, going up the mast, dogs on board, Scott’s sprained wrist story of “Ass over tea kettle”, Kathy’s lessons on knots, windlass, anchoring etc. Of course, prepping and provisioning for journey North with Lonnie.

Welcome To Our Sailing Blog

Welcome to a personal journey about to unfold before our/your very eyes. We have been planning this adventure for more than 8 years and everything is falling into place. Our “2020 Vision” plan is alive and well except it is more like 2021 now. 🙂

Over the next few years, we will be organizing our finances, downho sizing our terrestrial footprint and preparing our boat for our ocean going/cruising life. If you choose to follow us, you can share this transition. We will continue to sail Hobie Cats and transform our life into Sailing Cruisers. Enjoy our site and give us your feed back.

Please feel free to explore our site and look through our menu to learn about us.

WE ARE LEARNING about blogging. Our writing isn’t perfect and our site will be clunky for a while.

Cheers, Scott and Kathy

“Fire in the boat yard”

So this happened (I videoed this) Denny and I were in Ensenada working on Sea Bella in January when a boat 3 down from us caught fire. Denny accually was looking in the back transom of the boat and alerted the guy welding on the bottom to the fire.

Fuego!!!! Screamed the Mexicans in the yard and they all came running with fire extinguishers in hand. I watched at least 13 extinguishers get dumped on this fire and they couldn’t get it out.

Wow..what an impression this left on me.

First, there were tons of mistakes made. Welding without a fire watch, No water on site, combustibles near the welding work……

But, what made the biggest impression on me was how fast this happened, how the fire fighter couldn’t get to the source (the bilge) and how the extinguishers couldn’t get the fire out.

Second, we are in Mexico! Who has insurance? Who isrequired to have insurance. The yard? The owner of that boat who is welding on his own bottom? Crap! I need to rethink my liability plan. We were lucky this boat was steel and the boat h ouse next to it was steel as well. This could have been a lot worse.

I now look at my own boat and think about prevention, access and if we have adequate fire extinguishers. Water cannot be counted on as a resource/weapon when underway or at anchor. Dry power extinguishers make huge messes and are not that effective unless you can see through the smoke and hit the source of the fire.

Currently we are evaluating Sea Bellas systems and extinguishers. All ours were out of date and were expired when we purchased the boat. One was over 25 years old!!!! Needless to say, this is on the top of my “todo list”.

To be continued….