Makemo and Tahanea Atolls

Action packed two weeks here on Makemo.
Our first 5 days were anchored in the East trying to shield ourselves from a weather system that is quite difficult to explain. The ensuing winds definitely challenged the hardest of crews and I believe the electrical storm caused some damage to my generator (Always something).
After the storm, we met a local that lived on the island behind us. Yes, a desert isle and a long way from a town. Uribroa has lived on his little island for 28 years!!!
No power, no running water, no wifi or phones and very few visitors. When I first met Uribroa, he only had on an old shirt on and wondering the beach…..
He took me to his home (camp more like it). After I saw his place I knew I had to bring Kathy over because Uribeoa was an amazing gardener and has decorated his island with everything he has found washed up on the island(s) over the last 28 years. We brought him many items off our boat, as he has almost NOTHING. Shirts, hats, lighters and some food for his skinny dogs.

He was so kind and very generous with coconuts and smiles.
Midweek we moved back into the village and were able to have a meal on shore and also enjoy the locals practicing drums and dance for the upcoming festival in Tahiti. Once again we were swamped with kids and we felt totally accepted in the community.
In the following week we enjoyed time with other cruisers and had multiple campfires on the beach and experienced some of the best snorkeling we’ve seen so far.

Before we said goodbye to Makemo, Sea Bella was unfortunate enough to wrap her chain and anchor on a reef in the west side of the atoll. With some help from Denton on Simplicity, a couple of hours of engine time and a bit of scuba we were able to free her. It’s hard to explain, but believe it or not, you can clearly see everything going on at 65’ but between the waves, wind and multiple rocks it was a huge challenge to untangle.
This morning we pulled anchor, and we’re off to Tahanea, nature preserve and we hear the diving and snorkeling in the pass are supposed to be better than what we’ve seen. That is hard to believe!!! The coral, sharks, octopus, Moray Eels and thousands of tropical fish keep us in the water frequently. It seems every time we get in the water, it is getting better!

After Makemo, we headed to Tahanea for excellent diving and more adventure. From sun up to sun down, an incredible day was had here at a Motu in the East tip of the Tahanea. Stunningly clear water, excellent beaches, and a fun filled cruiser bonfire.


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