Most perfect place, we will be back- Fatu Hiva (Bay or Vírgins aka Bay of Penises)

Photo blast from 4 days ago in Fatu Hiva. We must be moving too fast or having too much fun to do a post…LOL
The hikes are so rewarding and there are no plants, reptiles or animals to worry about. The altitude we were climbing in made this hike a very “tropical” misty experience.

We spent many days with a new friend Christian, he is a local carver and chef. We fell in love with this tiki and bought it. The next day Kathy hiked up to the farthest home, where Vanessa painted a Tapa, the local artisan craft.

The bakery was closed, so Agnes swooped in and took us home. She gave us her baguettes, cold drink, fruit and special cancer cure jam, make from who knows what! She told us her life story (all in French) and was a great pantomime. She gave us a special tour of her garden, showed the vertical way she plants orchids, and explained her citrus grafting technique (in French). So special!!

Goodbye for now magical Fatu Hiva, see you in 6 or 7 months, as that is our plan for the Summer (US Winter). We have a 3 day sail to a SE Tuomotu Island Amanu. All the islands we will be “INSIDE” over the next 2 months are strange Motus: any island or islet in Polynesia, more specifically meaning atoll surrounded by coral reef. Fun new adventure!


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