Nope, not pork but a HAM license! When making decisions about voyaging around the globe and which communications to use, some of us mariners considered having marine single-sideband (SSB) or HAM radio capability. Newish technology like Starlink, Predictwind and Iridium Go, have made it easy to not use SSB. But we all know Scott, and how he likes to have safety back ups, so….after a full week of studying, he took and passed the HAM radio technician class and the general class. Congrat!!

Hope is Here

Had a blast with Hope Erwin down in Barra de Navidad, Mexico for the week after Christmas. We didn’t get much done except goofing off. Surfing, snorkeling and hanging at the beach with her new Marina friends in uniform!
Great week. Next time we will see her will be in Tahiti probably. 😮