Planning Ahead

A lot of planning and preparing for the next leg our adventure: The Pacific islands. Youtube search “10 reason to visit French Polynesia” it will clearly explain why we want to cross the largest ocean on our planet. Our rough plan is now finishing up our visits on mainland Mexico then launching from Barra or PV this March. We will sail, along with about 50 others, taking 25+ days to reach the Marquesas Islands. We hope to receive long stay visas (1 year), to cruise through French Polynesia as long as possible. Afterwards, we aim to visit other island groups such as: Tuomotus, Societies, Marshall’s, Somoa’s, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Solomons. We hope to continue cruising slowly westward towards Indonesia and up to Thailand. Of course, we need to schedule around the cyclone season which starts every November in this region. It’s all very exciting to continue our thrilling adventure.

Goodbye October!

Scott says, “what could be better than fishing with your Dad in Alaska?
Cruising around the Sea Of Cortez!!!!!! What is perfect last week? Healthy hubby, temperatures, water clarity, fun friends with Arkouda, Pit Pony and Flying Free, La Picazon for dinner, yummy cinnamon roll gifts from dear friend Gaby, and a trip to Cali.