Hanging Out

Hanging with some friends we’ve gotten to know over the last year. Most we met in Ensenada last August but Nirvana we met in Bandaras Bay a few months ago. We are in V Cove (Refugio Cove) on the north side of Isla Carmen just east of Loreto, Baja. Funny new culture, we now associate with friends by their boat names instead of last names.
Left to right on the boats in the first picture.
Arkouda (Mark, Carli, Thad, Luca, Kai)
Reverence (Mike, Leah)
Sea Bella (Scott and Kathy)
Nirvana (Jodi, Jacop, Megan, Ren, Jace, Hailie)
Simplicity (Denton, Chrissy, Danika)

Super fun group and just a few of the boats that we are headed up into the Sea with.
Mike Otis Scott Leah Lukomske Otis Denton Bowers Earnhardt, Jodi Spear

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