A week at the Grand Bay resort/marina in Barra de Navidad

We joined up with a group of cruisers, roughly 30 boats, mostly sail but some motor. ‘Panama Posse’ includes boaters who travel primarily between Florida and the Pacific North West (in either direction). These cruiser groups are an excellent resource for any sailor, newbie or veteran, traveling along this route. The Grand Resort Marina in the quaint little town of Barra de Navidad was where we congregated for helpful sailing seminars and to socialize with like minded, lively people. This town is a bit south of Puerto Vallarta and is the in the center of what cruisers call the “gold coast”.

This massive resort has a very comfortable and friendly Mediterranean feel.  Scott and I enjoyed the people, numerous pools, marina, close dinghy ride to town, private beaches, some surfing, live music and of course good food/drink.

We loved it so much, we have scheduled a few more stays back this way in Jan and again in Feb. We are happy that family are joining us for a sailing and resort vacation! Derek, Hallie, Montana, Hope, Sue and Roland all get to join the beauty here!

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