Boat Renaming Ceremony

Zues visited SV Sea Bella March 31st 2018 and bestowed a blessing and honored us with a renaming ceremony.

Sacrifice to Poseidon from the fair Maiden

Our boat ownership story began with Zeus, God of the Sea. On April 27, 2018. Our dear friend, Denny Osburn, and his lovely wife Susan came to help us celebrate the renaming of our boat. Our boat was SV Yolo in her past life. She had lived and traveled with a young family in the Sea of Cortez. To honor her Zues made a special offering to Neptune and Poseidon. He gave champagne, special wisdom and friendship to brand our boat Sea Bella! The artwork and original boat decals were created by our good friend, Hobie sailor and artist; Deborah Swanson. Friends, like Mark and Becky Ashburn, came from afar to give blessings and cheers.

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